This is a website for me to self-indulgently host my personal thoughts on various things. Mainly my goal in writing things down is to limit their fruitless circulation within my own head. For the the off chance someone else finds my thoughts interesting, I make them public.

I have on hand some results of online personality 'tests': [1], [2]. I personally find the results not very flattering, but they are probably accurate, whatever that means, or at least informative.

Proficient languages: English. Weak languages: Japanese, Spanish. Desired languages: French, German, Greek, Russian, Mandarin.

Particular lnterests: The workings of cognition / learning, math / physics / philosophy (I would not distinguish these), 'otaku media', fiction in general, languages, other artifacts of human behavior

Likes: green, trees, cats, sweet things, rain, personal computers, dawn, dusk,

Dislikes: bright sunlight, pollen, smartphones, excessive analogizing or metaphorising, imprecise or ungrammatical statements,